Spring North Irish Dance Workshop 2019

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We are so excited for our 3rd annual Spring North ID Workshop featuring 2 professional performers: Mitchell DeSimone and Samantha Merrit. Register early before April 18th, however registration will remain open until May 2nd with an additional fee. 17 hours of classes, great food, beautiful setting and exceptional lodging. This will be an intensive you don’t want to miss. It will feis prep you and get you to be a greater performer at this very low price!

Timber Wolf Camp is located in Lake City, Michigan, which is outside of Cadillac. Classes, lodging and meals all in the same place!

Summer 2018 Class/Camp Schedule

Summer classes offered weekly in Cadillac at 601 Chestnut Studio:

Tuesdays starting June 12th:

5:30 Beginner

6:30 Advanced Beginner


5:00 Intermediate

6:00 Drill

Cadillac Camp:  Mon-Fri 1-4PM July 23rd

McBain Camp Mon-Fri 9-12PM July 30th

Manton Camp Mon-Fri 1-4 July 30th

Register by calling 231-920-9976

or emailing/messaging from this site.

Spring into New Irish Classes

A new beginner class starts on 4/9/18 at 6:15 at our new location:  601 Chestnut Street in Cadillac.  This class is for 6 year olds and up.  A Pre-School class (3-5 year olds) will start on Tuesday 4/17/18 at 5:30 PM.  Both classes will go for 8 weeks.

It’s a great time to get into Irish Dance and learn new things!

Fall into Irish Dance

It’s almost here…Labor Day.  For the NLID, it is the last performance of the summer.  For the NLIDA, it is time for classes to begin again.  I am so excited to return to both McBain and Manton again this year and also resume classes at the Cadillac town studio on 13th Street.  I get to welcome back many students in the various offered classes, though I was able to see lots of students at summer camps this summer.

One of the best things about Irish is that once you complete and perfect a step, another one is coming.  It is very rewarding and focused.  Each dancer knows what they need to do and where they are heading.  This is not true with other dance genres.  The hardest thing about Irish is if a dancer doesn’t practice or has to miss class.  Irish keeps continuing and if you don’t practice or miss class you can fall behind.  The dancer that thrives on that, is the Irish Dancer.

I am believing for an epic year at NLIDA.  We have a new Story Piece in the works called Patrick’s Purpose and competitions right around the corner.  We will also continuing bring The Irish Prodigal to different places.   Lots of performances up ahead as well

Upcoming Weekend Workshop May 12th!

Once again Mitchell DeSimone from Lord of the Dance will come and help dancers become fine tuned in their technique, steps and Irish Dance abilities.  Dancers can arrive to the lovely Ketunnen Conferance Center  situated on acres of woodland in Tustin, Michigan on Friday May 12th at 1:00 PM.  Classes will begin at 2:00 but dancers can arrive anytime that day.  The official welcome will be at dinner at 5:30 PM.  The workshop will end at 3:00 PM Sunday.

2-3 Classes will be held each hour by different teachers depending on ability and need.   Molly Kujawa (Champion dancer with 35 years of experience) and Gina Dewey (Open level dancer with 13 plus years of ID experience) will be teaching classes along side of Mitch each day.  Class schedule can be found below.  There will be classes on hard/soft shoe drills, jumps, step perfection, feis prep, performance focused, traditional set, Ceili, and more.  There will also be classes on the penny whistle and bodhrain (you must provide your own instrument).  We will also have a craft class in the afternoon as a fun alternative.

Food and lodging will be provided from the Ketunnen Center.  Though our meals will be taken cafeteria style, they will be nutritious and yummy in a very nice setting.  Lodging is dorm style, however the largest room has 3 bunk beds.  It will be very easy to place your dancer with companions she chooses, since there are multiple rooms.  Bathrooms are communal but private.  Boys will be housed in a separate building.  The whole weekend will be comfortable for all and easy to manage.

If your dancer would like a parent to attend as well due to age.  There are premium private rooms for moms for an additional cost.  As a parent you can attend and just pay lodging and meals.  The center is a wonderful place to come with a good book and enjoy a weekend of solitude!

As the director/owner of the NLIDA, it is my hope that each dancer will come away from the weekend enriched, and inspired.  I plan on adding much more than just Irish Dance to the weekend in terms of encouragement, inspiration and self growth!

Below are the paperwork links for registration:


Dance Liability_Waiver_Form


Summer Camps Coming!

NLIDA is offering 2 summer day camps.  It is a fun and fantastic way to learn Irish and Culture at the same time.  Games, Crafts, Steps, and friendship!

McBain Camp:  June 27 -June 30th  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

This camp is for beginners and continuing dancers.  It is held in the McBain Elementary Cafeteria.  Call (231) 779-9976

Cadillac Camp:  July 25 – 29th  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

This camp is for beginners and continuing dancers.  It will be held at the 13th Street Studio in Cadillac.  Call to register!

New Beginner Class Registration Now Open

New Beginners classes

Classes starting on Monday April 11 at 6:00 PM and Thursday April 14th at 4:30 PM at the 13th Street Studio.  Session will go for 6 weeks for $60.  Each class is an hour long filled with stepsoft shoe images, rhythm and Gaelic language.

There will be 3 open summer camps in July and August.

Dates TBD and coming soon.


NLID 9Thursday, March 17, 2016

Looking for some Irish culture to enhance your St. Patrick’s Day event, fundraiser or party?  We have several bookings already, so don’t miss out on some real Irish fun!  Call now so the dancers can truly bring some excitement to your event and will cater to your needs.

Irish GR 8

Lord of the Dance Workshop Coming!

Mitch 1
Mitchell DeSimone

Mitch 2  The NLIDA will be welcoming a member of Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance for a special workshop January 6-8th, 2016 in Cadillac.  The NLID troupe will be undergoing an intense workshop with Mitchell DeSimone, who will come to Cadillac after finishing up on Broadway.  There will be a special community Workshop for Irish Dancers beginners – Advanced on Thursday January 7th, 2016 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  Advanced Registration Required.  Cost to outside students is $25 per hour.  The first hour will be for soft shoe and second hour for hard shoe!  If you are an Irish Dancer you will not want to miss this opportunity to learn from this talented young man!

Wrapping up 2015 with Stomping and Kicking!

The boys click in sync!

The ladies of NLID!

Performing for the Cadillac Philharmonic Club!

NLID 9NLID 7 The NLID have had a busy fall and now are hunkered down in the studio to learn new steps and get ready for the Holiday Blitz on December 11th.  This is a day of non-stop dancing to Assisted Living Centers and more!  If your group or event needs some added Christmas cheer, give us a jingle and we will bring some Celtic to your party!

It is never too early to start thinking about St. Patrick’s Day.  Irish Dancers are the best crowd pleaser you can ask for!

Special Irish Dance Workshop coming in January for Irish Dancers.  Look for details to come! Unbelievable guest teacher!

NLID will be at Havenshire Faire Festival

Havenshire FaireClasses are starting for NLIDA, and the troupe is perfecting their dances for this upcoming celtic festival!  We will be there Sunday, Oct. 4th from 10AM to 2PM.  If you want to learn some Irish Dance, you will get the chance as well!  Look for the link below and bring your whole family out!


New Location and Class Times for NLIDA

Irish dancers Northern Lights Irish Dance Academy

has a new location in Cadillac!

Classes will now be held at 9116 East 13th StreetIrish dancers

Next to Kiley Chiropractic/Across from the Soccer field

New Fall Irish Dance Class

Mondays for 6 weeks

5:00 – Continuing Irish Dance – this is for anyone who has taken class from NLIDA at any location.

6:00 – Beginning Irish Dance – little for no Irish Dance experience ages 6-18

7:00 Adult Irish – this is for beginning adults or teens!  You have always wanted to try…here is your chance!

Starting September 21st – October 26th

Thursdays for 6 weeksShamrock

4:30 Beginning Irish – little or no experience ages 6-18.

5:30 Ceili Folk Dance Class- this is a fabulous class for exercise, Irish culture and dance!  We will only work on group dancing, not solo!  This is similar to square dancing. Ages 5 – adult.

 6:30 Adult Irish Dance – Rare opportunity for me to be able to offer two adult times!  Take both classes or just one. This is for beginning adults or teens! 

Starting SepShamrocktember 24th –October 29th

$10/session $60/term

Call today and reserve your spot at 231-779-9976!  Check out the rest of the site to learn more about NLIDA.




Making the Summer Brighter!

Several performances down and we are excited to shine our lights at our upcoming venues!  The Cadillac Arts Festival loved our Summer Performance today just Arts Festival as the rain stopped and heavens departed!   If your group, festival or party needs a little Irish flair, we are starting to book up for the fall and winter.

If you are looking for Irish Dance lessons, regular classes will resume in mid September. Classes are for all ages and sizes; call to register today.

We are happy to run a workshop or special class to get your studio or area interested in Irish Dance as well.  There will be a workshop up near Iron Mountain in October; please check the Schedule.  This is a great way to introduce Irish Dancing to your dancers!

Two fabulous camps down and one to go!  If your child from 6-18 is interestedArts 5 in trying Irish Dance, a camp is the perfect place to start.  There will be a camp at the Cadillac YMCA August 10-13, 2015; please call 231-775-6639 tArts Festival 2o register.  If you would like us to have a camp in your area, please contact us directly and we will work something out.


Tapping into Summer!

Wow!  I have to say that was an awesome St. Patrick’s Day tour.   With 10 performances in over 4 days, the troupe leaped and shuffled their way into much applause.   Now, we are tapping into our summer performances and perfecting dances that will bring joy to our summer venues!

Can we come this summer and bring toe-tapping music and energetic Irish dancing to your event?  Call today!SPD 1

St. Patrick’s Day Here WE Come!

If you are looking for dancers on or near St. Patrick’s Day, please call quickly!  Our line up is looking awesome and the Show pieces this year are vibrant!  We will be dancing for four days throughout northern Michigan (Petoskey, Traverse City, and multiple shows in the Cadillac area) and hope to bless hundreds with our love of Irish Dance.

Contact Gina Dewey: 231-779-9976 for some Irish Dancing fun!

Holiday Blitz 2015

HBlitz 3Every year we take a day and perform for all the local assisted living and senior centers.  This year we did 5 with 11 performances in each!  I was truly amazed at how awesome these young people did each and every performance.  This year we added some dazzle to our heads with reindeer antlers, wreaths and snowmen!  Everyone loved it.  St. Patrick’s Day is already booking, so contact soon, to see these Northern Lights shine at your event!

Dance of the season:  Greater!
Dance of the season: Greater!

HBlitz 5
The reindeer do some Irish stomping!

This is how to get your irish dance troupe ready for 5 performances in one day!

HBlitz 7
Greater is the One living inside of me, then he who is living in the world! The senior Center of Cadillac gets to see our new favorite!

5th Irish Dancing Tale Available!

Dancing as OneIt is finally here and ready for you to read!  Go to Triskelt or Amazon and find the last of the Irish Dancing Tales..  This story shares of teamwork and Ceili dancing.  Learn how one member of a Ceili team learns about pride.   Ceili dancing has been passed on through generations and is an important part of Irish Dancing and the Irish Culture.  Enjoy this story whether you love dancing ceilis or you never have!

NLIDA goes to Troy for Michigan Irish Competition Feis

feis 5feis 6feis 2How does an Irish dancer get better?  Practice!!  Also, we can put our steps to the test by competition!  Once again, NLID took to the road but this time to join some fellow dancers down south for a competition.  For many this was a first, but for all, it was fun!

Now it is back to studio for preparation of the Holidafeis 4y Blitz!  Want some Irish dancers for your holiday event?  We begin our Holiday Blitz on December 10th.  Call now for us to come and brighten up your event!


Irish Dance Stories NOW available

Reading stories has always been a love of mine and writing them is another.  I believe have every child’s Irish dance story written and have read them to my students multiple times.   So what does one do when, you run out of stories to read?  Create your own!   After a busy summer of writing, Gina Dewey and her illustrator mother, Sharon Iavasile, have 5 Irish Dance Stories!  All them are based on a proverb that builds character and morals.

For years I have watched my mother Sharon Iavasile paint and take art classes.  I am the proud owner of many of her water colors which hang on my walls.  When I told her she was going to start painting Irish dancers, she was a bit hesitant, but now she is in full swing.  It is great fun giving life to my stories through my own mother’s hand.  She loves seeing purpose to her years of classes as well.

Three of the stories are already available on Amazon.  One is about to be published and the other is about to be illustrated!

One Brick at a Time

A Choice of the Heart

Mary’s Heart

If you have an Irish Dancer, these stories are a must, young and old!  If you just love Irish dancing and want to encourage someone young, these books are for you as well.

Welcome Fall! Welcome Back to Irish Dance

After a nice summer break, we are back in the swing of things ALMOST!

We have two class sites up and running but the third will not begin until October.

McBain Irish Dance Club is up and running strong.  Dancers are back on their toes and excited about a new school year.

Classes held at home base are loud and energetic.  New faces abound!

The Northern Lights Irish Dancers are gearing up for their next performance at

Emanuel Lutheran Church in Cadillac for their Harvest Festival on October 10, 2014

We will be dancing from 6:00-6:30 with some new and old dances!

Information on additional Cadillac City classes coming…

Irish Dance Camps

I will be holding 3 Irish Dance Camps this summer.

The first one is beginning on June 16th – June 19th at the Cadillac YMCA from 9-12.  Register at the YMCA at 775-6639 as late as Monday morning!

The second camp will be held at McBain Elementary starting Monday, June 23 -26th from 9-12 each day.  Please register through me for this camp at 779-9976.  Normal price for the camp is $50 for the session, and an additional $10 for a optional T-Shirt.

The last camp will be at the YMCA again on August 11-14th.  Again register through the YMCA to partake.

Each camp will be filled with Irish steps, Ceilis, games, crafts and language/culture learning!  Age is 6-17!  If you have a 5 year old that can handle it, that is fine.  We have a ton of fun and the kids just love it!

Please pass this on to whomever might be interested and call Gina with any questions:  231-779-9976!

New Class on a New Day at a New Place!

Starting May 20th in Cadillac


Beginners Class at 4:30 -5:30

Knights of Columbus Hall on 13th Street

Love to have you join!  Tons of exorcise, fun and learning!

Contact Gina for more information:  231-779-9976



Booking now for St. Patrick’s Day

Call now to enhance your program with some traditional Irish Dancing!  The Northern Lights will brighten up your celebration with either our 30 minute or hour program.  Your audience will thoroughly enjoy our modern and traditional dances and they will learn about the Irish culture and tradition as well.

We can cater to whatever you have going on and are happy to discuss your event to give you an entertaining program.

Gina Dewey, Director




Happy New Year!!!!!!!


GWL 1 GWL 4 Great Wolf Lodge here we come!  We were invited to perform for the guests at GWL in Traverse City, MI for a couple of hours.  What fun to spend a couple of hours on New Year’s Eve swinging, kicking and tapping for loads of people in bathing suits!  The dancers gave two great performances and then we led the crowd in a Ceili where many had their first Irish Dance lesson!  Our stage was perfect and and the location was ranked high in the unique category.   We had a brand new dancer with us, who performed well, despite the odor of chlorine!  Everyone had fun with the poppers, horns and hats while dancing.  It was somewhat challenging to get all the poppers to go off in sync at the end of a rigorous treble reel, but the audience loved it.  We will back to GWL on March 16th for our St. Patrick’s Day tour.   The dancers are of course thrilled and will certainly enjoy their free passes to the water park by then!GWL 5

Holiday Blitz!

imageWow!  I don’t think it ever made it to the forecasted 16 degrees…it stayed under 10 all day!  It didn’t stop the NLID! Regardless, boy did the Northern Lights sure glow today.  We had 4 fabulous shows with 13 terrific dancers daring the arctic weather.

Josiah and Quinn clap away!
Josiah and Quinn clap away!

Our first stop was one of our favorite assisted care facilities:  Belle Oaks.  Our newer dances did great for the first time and our older ones got even better.  We had a new dancer with us today and though she was nervous, Cassie shined like a true Northern Lights dancer.

Post lunch mayhem!
Post lunch mayhem!

Next we visited some old friends at the Cadillac Senior Center.  Lots of folks braved the weather just to see us dance.  It was awesome.  The best part was on our way out we noticed a photo on the wall from 2008 of one of the first times we performed there.    What a change and so memorable.  We really have had some fun Irish Dancing.

After lunch, we headed to Sunnyside Assisted Living.  We were eager to get there, because we have a grandpa living there waiting to see us dance.   The dancers danced all 12 dances exceptionally well and we enjoyed yummy treats afterward.

The last place of our snowy, chilly day was to First Baptist Church of Cadillac.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, they host a free meal.   Though we were only able to dance in soft shoes, we pulled out lots of beautiful numbers for a full hour of dancing and singing.   The audience was thrilled…perhaps it was the warm meal and surroundings, but I do believe the smiles were a bit brighter from watching the dancers.

We so enjoy being able to share our love of Irish dancing with our community and bringing joy to those who need a smile.   I am always amazed at how the dancers perform and keep all their steps in their head after a day of 4-5 shows.   Thank you God for this time and this awesome thing you gave us to share.  It really is a fun way to spend a day!

We will be at the Great Wolf Lodge December 31st from 3-5!  Come on out and see us!

The Event of the Summer in Grand Rapids

Irish GR 11Irish GR 6We have been coordinating this event for the International Association of Assessing Officers at the DeVos Convention Center in Grand Rapids for months.   It took a bit more work since we were dancing at 7:45 AM and only for 20 minutes.  Nine dancers braved the intense performance and did splendidly for the 4000 or so that showed up!

From the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) website:  The Northern Lights Irish Dancers provided a very entertaining start to the #IAAO2013 Opening Ceremony/Annual Business Meeting this morning!


We did not do a typical show with a myriad of solos and performance pieces.  We did a show full of performance pieces only, which proved to be challenging to the dancers, but what an awesome show!  They worked super hard rehearsal week and perfected all 6 dances!

We were so excited to have our Mary and Anna, our Minnesota dancers join us!  What fun we had with them!  It was just like old times!

See the video of this perfomance on the Video Page.Irish GR 5

All photo credit goes to Robert Bruni with Ambience Photographer.

Great Job Northern Lights Irish Dancers!

Black Iron Days Drop in Dancing!

Not even a thought to dance with a bunch of black smiths, but the folk band was playing and a reel was requested…irish dancers cannot NOT dance when a reel or jig is in the air.  The jig was harder to come by but one musician had a fiddle and she just picked it up and and began…then every dancer there just got up, ran over, and danced.  So very cool!

Anna, Dot & Mary do the 3 hand reel!
BID Irish 3 Anna, Dot & Mary do the 3 hand reel!

 BID Irish

Petoskey here we come!

The Bay Harbor Festival in Petoskey has welcomed us back for a third year!  The crowd was thick under the tent and though our stage was missing we endeavored to dance soft shoes in the grass to a very happy crowd!  This is a great kid festival with much to do and we enjoy being a part of it every year.   Each show has its own flavor and combinations, but it is always fun when it changes the moment we get to a place.  The dancers have learned much about spontonaity!NLID group

Of course they might love Petoskey so much for our lunch at the beach!

Irish Dance Camp #2 2013

Camp 22
Learning Gaelic!

August brought us another wonderful Irish Dance Camp at the Cadillac YMCA!  We had 15 dancers attend and really had an awesome week.  It was a week filled with solo dancing, ceili dancing, games and crafts.   The dancers had great hard working attitudes and pushed in to learn a pretty difficuCamp 23lt ceili called the Antrim Reel.

We added snacks this time and boy did that help the little ones with their energy!  I was really proud of the 3 five year olds who hung in there all week and

performed.  Usually I only take 6 year olds.

Kendall finishing up craft time!
Kendall finishing up craft time!

Irish dance camp is a great way to get a dance down quickly and really focus on particular steps.  I am amazed at how well dancers do in an intense format.

We can’t wait for next year!!


Game time!
Game time!

Irish Dance Camp One 2013


Irish Camp 24
Happy Dancers! Happy Dancers!

June 17-20, 2013

Wow what a great week of Irish Dancing!  Sixteen kids ages 5-15 joined us at the YMCA in Cadillac, Michigan to learn some Irish steps, ceilis, culture & language.   This year we divided into 3 levels since we had a new and intermediate dancers to learn either the jig, reel or slip jig.  We learned the Harvest Time Jig as our Ceili and worked on Walls of Limerick as well.Irish camp 21

All the dancers made T-Shirts and other crafts.  The geography of Ireland was learned as well.   We played several games to learn the Irish language and everyone was counting and speaking Gaelic by the end!

Camp 2 is August 12-15!  Return campers are welcome since we run a completely different camp!  Hope to see lots of you there.  Please contact the YMCA in Cadillac to register:  231-775-3369.  If you have any questions regarding the Northern Lights Irish Dancers contact Gena directly: 231-779-9976.

Clare and the Red Hat Ladies

We had the honor of tapping our feet at a very special luncheon in Clare at our favorite hotel:  the Doherty!     A room filled with red & purple enjoyed our half hour show even though we thought the ventriliquist beforehand was hilarious.  The dancers are still repeating her jokes!

Road Trip with NLID

As always our dancing has to include recreation and this time, we made a stop to General Jims!  Who-ah!

Lt. Alissa

Private Jubilee Ray
Private Jubilee Ray

Captain Samuel!
Captain Samuel!


Finally St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

It is day 3, but truly the day we are dancing about!

Off to Traverse City to Great Wolf Lodge!  There, they set a stage up for us in the lobby and we danced from 10-12.   We gave the guests at Great Wolf Lodge 2 outstanding performances back to back and then offered all the bathing suit clad people a chance to learn a ceili in the end!

Such a fun way to kick off St. Patrick’s Day!

Next we ventured back to Cadillac to offer the area YMCA, where I teach Irish Dance, and did the Community Ceili instruction.  We so thrilled to be able to perform for so many on our breaks as well.  The community was able to learn Walls of Limerick and Siege of Ennis within the 2 hour time form 2-4.

With some nourishment, laughter and rest, the troupe headed south of Cadillac to Tustin’s private retreat called the Ketunnen Center.  Here a very special Irish band called Mulligan Stew was waiting for us play for the guests of this last Irish celebration.

What better way to end St. Patrick’s day than with a rocking Irish band playing our tunes?  So, we reeled, jiged and hornpiped for the corn beef satisfied folk with live music.

In the end, we gave them a couple of our performance pieces to remember us by.  Also, a few guests wanted to learn the jig!

3 days…11 performances…15 dedicated dancers…1000s of people!  Those numbers may not add up, but to the Northern Lights Irish Dancers, the math worked out just fine.  Thank you to all who hired us, watched us, clapped for us, danced with us and made the 2013 St. Patrick’s Day tour the best we have ever done!


Mt. Pleasant SPD Performance

Our performance for Saturday night the 16th, was only for the senior & older dancers.  Each performance we do is usually for the whole troupe, but we also enjoy hand crafting a performance for a particular group.

We were asked to perform for the Michigan Credit Union League at the Soaring Eagle Covention Center in Mt. Pleasant.    There were probably 750-1000 in attendance and the room was filled with happy, green clad people.  The dancers were thrilled and gave an awesome performance of different solo & ceili dances.

We also had a chance to get volunteers from the audience to dance the Ceili: Walls of Limerick with us.  What fun!  It is so neat to see all different people coming together for a Ceili.  Everyone happy and every thrilled to join in to the dance.

Our ending performance, which was a medley of ceilis and reels, brought thunderous applause and caused the dancers to be overwhelmed with gratitude for the chance to perform what they love to do.


Ludington St. Patrick’s Day Performances

Last year it was in the high 60s-70 and this year we traveled to Ludington in 20 degree weather!  Learn to dance in the snow, was the new motto!

We stopped off at Sherman Oaks Retirement Community upon entering town and shared some soft shoe dances with them.  It was a great warm up for the dancers before we hit the cold.

Downtown Ludington greeted us warmly for their Irish Festival, though the snow on the ground was comical!  Our stage was thankfully under a tent and in no time the dancers were warmed by their amazing dances and to the beat of the Irish tunes!

We so enjoy this community and its love for Irish Dance!  We hope to return again when it is warmer!

NLID St. Patrick’s Day School Blitz

WOW!  Our tour began on Friday, March 15th and after weeks of rehearsing the dancers were eager to hit the stage tapping!

Our fist school was St. Ann’s in Cadillac, which is a friendly school school to wake up and give them a warm St. Patrick’s Day greeting!  We have been coming to St. Ann’s for 5 years and are amazed that they call us to celebrate with them each year!

Our second school was also a return.  At 10:00 we arrived at Lincoln School in Cadillac.  This is the school of one of our newest members Rylie.  She was super excited to show her classmates all that she has been learning since being selected to join our troupe.

We traveled north next to a new school to us.  Boy were we excited when we arrived at Manton Elementary.  We were able to dance on a real auditorium stage with great speakers.  Our crowd was more than happy to see a full blown out program and the dancers were really on their toes for them.   Many students have come to the Cadillac YMCA to take lessons for Irish, so we were glad as well that they could enjoy!


The last school was also new to us and that was Mackinaw Trail back in Cadillac.  This is a 5 & 6th grade school with over 400 students.   We enjoyed their spacious gym and their loud cheers!

All and all, we had an excellent day.  We danced for over 1000 people and our selected dances and performance brought much cheering and joy to those who got to watch!

Community Ceili for all at the Cadillac YMCA

Come One, Come All!

Sunday, March 17th on St. Patrick’s Day

2:00 – 4:00 PM

The YMCA of Cadillac will be hosting a Community Ceili (Irish folk dance) for all.  Bring out the whole family and learn a couple of Irish Folk dances with the Northern Lights Irish Dancers.

Whether you are Irish or pretend to be, you will enjoy this energetic time of Irish music, clapping and family fun!  We will Ceili for about 20 minutes and then the Irish dancers will perform a couple of dances and then back to the fun!

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes and a water bottle might be needed.  No reservation needed!  Just tell all your friends and be prepared to feel Irish for a couple of hours!

If you have any questions, please contact Gina Dewey (779-9976) or feel free to contact the YMCA as well (775-3369).

Irish Winter Blitz!!!

Dashing through the snow!   On December 18th, the NLIDs shared their love of Irish Dance with 4 assisted care facilities.  It was a whirlwind day and full of challenges and fun!  The dancers learn flexibility on days like these because each place offers a different stage, flooring and area.  The younger dancers made pins and crafts to give to the residents.  They so enjoyed handing them out and blessing those they danced for.

We had a new dancer join us as well.  Rylie got a taste of Irish dancing for many and really had a fun time!  Our very young dancers were able to join us too and are loving their time on stage!

Opening for Ballet Magnificat! Again!

October 13, 2012

See video for this performance under Video section!

Though I waited for a bit to announce that we would be opening again for Ballet Magnifcat’s performance of The Hiding Place, the dancers gave one of their best performances yet.  I was so proud of them!

I selected 3 dance sets and though we had just come off a performance the dancers chosen to perform worked doubly hard all week to perfect the sets.  My favorite was the ending Treble Reel.  It looked awesome and the audience went wild!

We did a new thing for this show.  Instead of coming out to talk during the necessary shoe change, Christianna sang “The Voice” by Celtic Women.  What a wonderful way to get through a shoe change and boy did she light up that stage!  Fabulous!

The dancers were thrilled to give out their autographs to all the young Irish dancer want-a -bes!   We had so many positive comments from the Cadillac community; it was so nice doing something local and on a normal stage!