Dress code, Guidelines, etc.

Dress code

Irish Dance – Movable work-out clothing. ie. t-shirt and leggings.

Ballet – Leotard, (ballet) tights, skirt (optional). *Warm-ups may be warn at the start of class. T-shirts, active ware, leggings, shorts, etc. are not exceptionable attire for ballet class.

Boys (Ballet) – Black leggings or dance tights, dance belt, black shorts (to go over the tights/leggings), white t-shirt or white leotard.

Creative Movement – Light Pink Leotard, skirt (optional), pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes.

Pre-Ballet – Light Lilac Leotard, skirt (optional), pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes.

Kinder Dance – Leotard (any color), ballet tights, and skirt (optional), pink ballet shoes. Boys may wear movable work-out type clothing.

Contemporary and Fusion – Movable work-out clothing, leotard and tights, etc. ie. t-shirt and leggings.

Worship – Work out attire. Comfortable and moveable.


*Tops: Bare midriffs are never acceptable. Crop tops, spaghetti straps (does not include leotards), lace bralettes, sports bras (with out a shirt covering), and other relieving tops are not to be worn, unless covered by a t-shirt.

*Shorts: Please make sure shorts are at least half thigh length. Biker shorts are to be worn under all flowy shorts. A good rule of thumb; if you can see your bum or underwear when you lift your leg or squat, it’s not good for class.

*Jewelry: Jewelry, with the exception of earrings, should not be worn in any dance class. It can be harmful and distracting to you, as well as your fellow dancers.

Dress code depends on class and age. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


Hair must be pulled back and out of the face at all times.

Ballet – Long hair must be worn in neat bun. short hair secured and pulled away from face.


*Appropriate shoes must be warn for each respective class.

Irish Dance – Irish soft shoes and hard shoes are required for the respective levels. Beginners can dance in tennis shoes, jazz shoes, ballet, etc.

Ballet – Canvas split-sole ballet slippers for both girls and boys. Please ask teacher about the best options.

Contemporary, Fusion and Worship– bare feet and/or foot shields

Ballet Program and Young Dancer Program Uniform Colors by Level

All dancers in the Ballet program are required to wear the designated leotard color for the level that they are placed in. Please consult the chart bellow to find your color! All uniforms sold at the studio.

Looking for the right tights, shoes, etc.? We sell everything you need for class at our studio shop! We supply our Ballet students with Corps Dancewear Leotards and dance accessories.

Class etiquette

No gum aloud in class.

No phones aloud in class.

No Jewelry in class. Earrings are allowed.

Water only in class, please. Water bottles may be kept with students at all times.

Students are expected to arrive to class on time, and ready to dance with hair and uniform ready. Students arriving later then 15 from start time will not be allowed to participate in class, unless previously approved by teacher.

For all questions and for more information please contact us.